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The FR12 series revolutionizes AV integration. With the Remote Light Source technology the projector bulb is removed from the projection head, up to 30 meter (100 feet) away. It takes away all traditional concerns such as noise and heat management, installation orientation, lamp replacement and maintenance scheduling.FR12 seriesThe FR12 projector head is based on the successful F12 projector series and offers the same high-performance signal compatibility with high-resolution digital and analog signals including HDMI, DVI and HD15 inputs. The power, control and signal connection panel of the FR12 is the same as the F12. The FR12 is available with three native resolutions: WUXGA, 1080p, and SXGA+ for professional applications, with various color wheel options and professional-grade lens configurations.Remote Light SourceThe FR12 Remote Light Source (RLS) concept relocates the lamps and color wheels from the projector to a rack-mount enclosure that can be placed up to 30meters away from the projector head. Light from the RLS illuminates the imaging head via the innovative Liquid Light Guide (LLG). The result is a compact, ruggedized, virtually maintenance-free projector with silent operation and simple lamp maintenance. Since there’s no lamp in the projection head, the FR12 is capable of installation without restriction on projector orientation, including portrait mode and other extreme projector angles – vastly improving the range of applications for the FR12.The Liquid Light GuideThe Liquid Light Guide (LLG) connects the FR12 to the Remote Light Source. The LLG is filled with a pure water-based liquid which efficiently transmit light from the RLS to the FR12. The LLG is available in three installation-ready configurations 10, 20 and 30 metre in length, which means that the FR12 projection head can be located well away from the RLS isolating the image from the heat and fan noise.RealColor color managementLike the F12, the FR12 projector head is fully compatible with the RealColor color management system. RealColor provides a unique way to quickly calibrate and set up perfectly matching images for any number of projectors. RealColor can alter imagery by changing simple characteristics such as the color temperature of the image – to adjust perfectly along the black body curve, or very complex attributes such as relative saturation and x/y coordinates for each color.For a broad range of applicationsFR12 RLS configuration options make this innovative system an ideal solution for application in which a low noise level is important such as compact control rooms and other 24/7 installations and small postproduction suites. Thanks to its lightweight design, the FR12 is also ideal for motion platforms and other simulators where access with traditional projectors is limited.Ultra simple maintenanceThe FR12 projector head and Liquid Light Guide requires low maintenance. The main maintenance activities are performed on the rack-mounted RLS with quick access to the lamp holder, for easy periodic lamp replacement.ProNet 2.0 CompatibleNetwork-based projector asset management and control is available through the acclaimed ProNET 2.0 control software.


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